Review: Gary Moore - How Blue Can You Get

Post by Otis Hayes - @otherthanotis

“How Blue Can You Get” is the latest collection of songs released by Gary Moore, it is all unreleased material from the sadly passed on musician and is a great collection of blues tracks that are certainly not demo quality but studio album quality. Although I must say the album cover is not up my alley and in fact oozes a little tacky in my opinion even if fittingly it is just about as blue as you can get, that is besides Gary’s Les Paul guitar and hairdo!

Gary Moore - How Blue Can You Get

But do not let that deter you from the music inside that lies in waiting for the needle to hit the groove and hit the groove it does! If you’re a fan of Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac or The Allman Brothers Band then you won’t go wrong with “How blue can you get” as just as the title suggests the music preaches the blues bringing along all of the shredding and heavy but yet somehow smooth guitar tones you’d expect.

The opening track “I’m tore down” introduces us to the album with pure energy that is reading high on the meter thanks to its locked in groove from the Organs and drums, allowing the guitar to take the lead and go where it pleases!

My personal favourite is the title track “How blue can you get” with its drum rhythm shuffling along softly being slapped by brushes and bass following with classic blues rhythms plus a solid vocal delivery you just cannot go wrong!

Another track that can’t not get a mention is “Looking at your picture” it is almost like hard rock blues set over a fast tempo electronic sounding drumbeat, it is solid gold!

Gary Moore had clearly mastered his guitar and especially playing the blues in his lifetime and fortunately for fans this album continues to prove just that plus the grooves his playing along to are just so tight and legit!

“How blue can you get” closes with the track “Living with the blues” which is one of a few slower paced songs focusing around organs, bass and drums with lead meandering in and out delivering a darker taste in the mouth leaving you thinking about your own issues that relate to the words being fed into your ear canals but that’s just what the blues should do to help you get on by just like the musicians expressing themselves as you listen.

If you’re into any of Gary Moore’s projects, he has been involved in or you are just a sucker for a good old blues album then this is a deal you should of already shaken hands on!

The record is conveniently on blue vinyl and available at Boiler Room Records right here!

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