Review: Pink Floyd - Live at Knebworth 1990

Post by Otis Hayes - @otherthanotis

Pink Floyd is a name you should have heard of if you are into music in any genre and there is very good reason for it!

“Live at Knebworth 1990” delivers a solid set of tracks spanning across some of Floyd’s best material, opening with “Shine on you crazy diamond (parts1-5)” you straight away can sense you’re in for more than just a casual listen, the crowd shouts and screams whilst the lead guitar driven intro of “Shine on you crazy diamond” is produced before their eyes and slides out across the stage into their delighted ears smooth and direct.

Pink Floyd - Live at Knebworth 1990

You can imagine this would have been a spectacle to see and are particularly jealous if like me you’ve never seen Pink Floyd live and a record is the best you’ve got but as usual next once again like most people every time you listen to this band you’ll drop your mouth to the floor in shock at just how tight and masterful Pink Floyd are, I mean come on what innovative songwriters let alone performers!

The tracks on “Live at Knebworth 1990” are instantly recognisable but it is great to hear the contrast between the studio album versions as you really do get a sense of the bands natural playability together and hearing the vocals to “Great gig in the sky” is especially mind blowing, delivered live in t’s pure expression with no use of words!

“Wish you were here” sends the crowd into joy and excitement singing along to the words and it sounds just as beautiful of a song as it ever did!

Pink Floyd’s performance is truly exceptional they do not miss a beat, pluck a wrong string, or hit a wrong key and vocally it sounds sublime, this is an album that certainly delivers besides with a ten-minute version of “Money” you know you are in for a treat!

Live at Knebworth 1990” closes its set with “Run like hell” but not before “Comfortably numb” is delivered with everything you expect washing over like a wave of sound and delay it makes you want to revisit some of Floyd’s huge discography for the albums you played nonstop to the ones you’ve been meaning to get around to!

“Live at Knebworth 1990” is available now on 2LP over at Boiler Room Records, grab yourself a copy here.

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