Review: Shocking Blue - Scorpio’s Dance

Post by Otis Hayes - @otherthanotis

Shocking Blue were a Dutch psychedelic rock band formed in 1967 and had a string of hits throughout the 1960’s and early 1970’s and although not the biggest hit from the band they are often remembered today for their song ‘’Love buzz’’ due to it being covered by grunge rockers Nirvana on their debut album ‘’Bleach’’.

Shocking Blue released ‘’Scorpio’s dance’’ in 1970, it’s a tantalising album full of rock vibes churned in the pot with lashings of psychedelia, blues, folk and more to create one hell of a mean brew!

‘’Scorpio’s dance’’ opens with a short instrumental before transitioning to the track ‘’Alaska country’’, once it kicks in musically I feel as though Jim Morrison is gonna start singing thanks to the piano groove we hear but of course we are in fact greeted by Mariska Veres, as the lead singer of Shocking Blue she delivers powerful vocals that are always on point!

As ‘’Scorpio’s dance’’ progresses we are introduced to more and more instruments whether that be Banjo or Sitar and it really showcases the bands musical talents. The track ‘’Deamon lover’’ really drives home there psychedelic virtues with guitar riffs Roky Erickson of 13th Floor Elevators would be proud of and mystical organs chiming in the background it is a personal favourite off the album for me!

The album cover features the band standing amongst some cactuses and is a great shot of them, if you want to know what this album sounds like just look at the trippy patterns that Mariska Veres has on in her outfit and you’ll get the gist!

The title track ‘’Scorpio’s dance’’ is a wonderful instrumental featuring hypnotic fingerpicking acoustic guitar and just after we’re launched into a Beatles feeling bop named ‘’Little cooling planet’’ which has all the grooves you’d expect from the early 70’s!

I would also like to use this moment to talk about the flow of ‘’Scorpio’s dance’’, you can tell Shocking blue thought hard about the track list and order in which they put this collection of songs together taking you through different moods to bring you up and down which not enough bands take into consideration these days in my opinion!

Touches of folk start to seep through in the beginning of ‘’I love voodoo music’’ before it takes off into a psychedelic trance with a droning percussion focused groove, the transitions in this song are particularly impressive and it’s certainly another favourite of mine!

The closing track ‘’Water boy’’ features Eastern sounds using Sitar which the Beatles famously introduced into popular Western music and the entire track comes across vocally very Jefferson Airplane!

‘’Scorpio’s dance’’ will make you feel as though you’ve taken a trip back in time and possibly some kind of other trip if you know what I mean! The album really does capture the era in which it was produced and if your a fan of the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s/70’s then it’s essential listening!

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