Review: Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley (Self Titled)

Post by Otis Hayes - @otherthanotis

If all Tim Buckley did for music was to inspire his son named Jeff Buckley whom I’m sure many of you have heard of to follow in his musical path then Tim had already done enough for music however the man himself also has a beautiful discography to explore even if it will never outlive his sons first and only stunning record "Grace".

Tim Buckley’s debut self titled effort was released in 1966 and is an innocent and beautiful canvas of work painted with his unique voice. The opening track to the self titled album "I can’t see you"’ is a fast paced yet dark and moody track that prepares the listeners ear for what’s in store!

When I hear tracks like "Wings" I’m reminded of Arlo Guthrie whom is funny enough son of a rather famous man who you should of heard of named Woody Guthrie and as a big fan of his music this album straight away makes me smile even though the music itself is inherently sad.

Folk rock is the theme throughout this album and the guitar work is wonderful especially when paired with Tim Buckley’s beautiful voice, the self titled debut is also full of blues and psychedelic undertones.

The track "Strange street affair under blue" will instantly remind you of "Alabama song (Whisky bar)" by The Doors thanks to its bopping rhythm and I wonder if it held as an inspiration for The Doors considering it was released a year before their mega self titled debut!

Once you reach the track "Valentine melody" you will hear Tim really showing off his voice and what a set of pipes he had equipped!

If your a fan of Jeff Buckley and want to hear his routes then this is the man to listen to and you’ll understand how Jeff was born to sing. "Song slowly song" drives home the psychedelic feel throughout this album and once again I’m left wondering if tracks like these inspired The Doors but at this point I’m more assuming they did rather than wondering, just listen to the organ, guitars, and percussion and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about if your well versed in The Doors music!

I love the image that adorns the front cover of the album and Tim Buckley looks young, sad and innocent such is the theme throughout plenty of the music upon the album. The track "Grief in my soul" sums up Tim’s deep emotions and feelings he experienced in my opinion and gives insight into how playing music and singing really was his outlet for these feelings as an artist.

Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley (Self Titled)

As the album comes to a close through the tracks "She is" and "Understand your man" I feel as though I've gone on a tour bus throughout Tim Buckley’s mind as like his son the music he produced is clearly very close to home and very much real.

Both Tim Buckley and his son Jeff Buckley were sadly lost from this world too soon and when I hear the music they produced I wonder what would of come from them had they just managed to avoid tragedy and stick around on this planet longer, immortalise these men through there music by picking up copies of their albums.

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