Steve King: Record Store Day

Remember that few days before Christmas when you were a kid?

School was finished, the house was decorated from top to bottom in tinsel and tat, for months the adverts on CITV had been like an Aladdin’s cave of possibilities, but by now your list was already with Santa at the north pole and a good pile of presents already sat under the tree so now the question was, which ones would you get? …. And did you make the right choices?

By now there was a steady stream of good movies on the tv, including the Star Wars trilogy that you already recorded on VHS last year but for some reason were extremely excited to see again “live”. The radio was a constant stream of Mariah Carrey, Wham! and Band Aid …. but that was just the way it should be.

It’s often said that in adulthood you cannot recreate the level of excitement and anticipation of a child, I beg to differ…….RECORD STORE DAY is upon us!

For your modern day, fully grown record collector Record Store Day is the new Christmas. OK there is unlikely to be a mystical, kindly, rotund father figure delivering your presents, and its likely you’ll be paying for them yourself, but my god its exciting!

I’d hazard a guess that I’m not the only one that has made a list, checked it twice, changed it numerous times and eventually arrived at a priority system that dictates what I’m going to be most disappointed if I miss out on, against an “absolute maximum” budget.

I’d hazard a guess that I won’t be the only one that strays wildly from the list and the aforementioned budget within moments of passing through the doors of Boiler Room Records on Saturday either! When I sat down to write this I took a look at version 57(approximately) of my own list and I think I’ve finally settled on my highlights for RSD21 – Drop 1.

Admittedly, for fear of alerting others to them and therefore missing out myself, I probably shouldn’t share it but I trust the lovely vinyl community to leave one of each in the racks for me anyway…….ha!


RSD 2021 Drop 1 - My Top 3:

These are the my absolute “must have” releases on 12th June…

  1. Mogwai – ZERO ZERO ZERO Soundtrack.

    Mogwai – ZERO ZERO ZERO Soundtrack

    Pressed on double white vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day this is the first physical release of the typically brilliant soundtrack from (in my humble opinion) Scotland’s finest ever band. This is going to be a popular one and I’m sure it will fly off the shelves. This is the Buzz Lightyear of RSD21 - everyone will want one. But unlike Buzz, its extremely limited and only a lucky handful will get their wish.

  2. Supergrass – Going Out

    Supergrass – Going Out

    Pressed on Burgundy vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day, this is a re-release of their 1996 hit with the original B-sides plus some live tracks.

    I had this, and all their singles, on CD at one stage in my life and have criminally allowed them to be lost or given away at some stage. To once again have this as part of my physical collection would make me very happy indeed. If I’m quick I’m really hoping I have a good chance of getting my hands on this beauty.

  3. Fela Kuti – Open & Close

    Fela Kuti – Open & Close

    A 50th anniversary Record Store Day exclusive pressed on red and yellow butterfly effect vinyl. This looks like a real thing of beauty.

    I only recently discovered Fela Kuti, thanks to a daily album club and the recommendations of online friends with far superior musical knowledge and taste than me, but I’d love to add this to my collection. It’s the most pricy of my top 3, and possibly(hopefully) it’s likely to be the least “in demand” of my list. But RSD can be really unpredictable and this is limited to 8000 globally, so I may have to move quickly!

RSD 21 Drop 1 - Honourable Mentions:

These are on the subs bench if I miss out on the others or find space in the mythical budget….

Super Furry Animals – Ice Hockey Hair EP - Always one of my favourite bands. This comes from one of my favourite SFA albums and would sit beautifully alongside my other SFA and Gruff Rhys releases.

Super Furry Animals – Ice Hockey Hair EP

The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin Companion – A Double LP pressed on silver vinyl. A famed promo featuring remixes and radio sessions from the era. This one is very very exciting!

The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin Companion – A Double LP

Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain – a 10th anniversary re-issue with exclusive new artwork. Wu Lyf were once one of the most mysterious bands around, with little known about where they came from, and where they subsequently went! This is their only album but it’s a good one.  This would do very nicely.

Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain

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