Release Schedule

Date TitleArtistVariant 
4-Feb-2021G_ds Pee AT STATES END! godspeed you black emperor2 X 10" Vinyl
26-Feb-2021Sounding pointMark FeldmanCD
5-Mar-2021A Call To Arms Visionist White Vinyl
5-Mar-2021You're WelcomeA Day To RememberRed Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Archive Volume. 2 Neil Young CD Boxset
5-Mar-2021As Days Get DarkArab StrapClear Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Back To The Future SoundtrackCompilationBlack Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Live At BrixtonDMA'sLimited Edition Smoked Vinyl With Signed Print
5-Mar-2021Seventh TreeGoldfrappLimited Edition Yellow Vinyl With Art Print
5-Mar-2021The Dark RideHelloweenSpecial Edition Splatter Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Quiet LifeJapanLimited Deluxe Vinyl Boxset
5-Mar-2021Quiet LifeJapanLimited Edition Red Vinyl
5-Mar-2021The Koreatown OddityLittle Dominiques NosebleedDouble Green Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Love Here ListenBarbarossaLimited Edition Yellow Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Against The WallMason HillBlack Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Against The WallMason HillLimited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Maverick ThinkerWilliam The ConquerorLimited Indies Silver Vinyl
5-Mar-2021Wide BoysGemma Cullinford7" Single 
5-Mar-2021The Whalebone BoxAndrew KottingDouble Vinyl- One Blue, One Green
5-Mar-2021Sand BalthazarBlack Vinyl
12-Mar-2021AntiWhite Void Black Vinyl
12-Mar-2021All The Right Noises Thunder Blue and Orange Galaxy Swirl Vinyl
12-Mar-2021Roses The Paper Kites Limited Edition Double Black and Red Vinyl
12-Mar-2021Natures LightBlackmores NightDouble CD
12-Mar-2021Natures LightBlackmores NightCD
12-Mar-2021Natures LightBlackmores NightGold Vinyl
12-Mar-2021The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse ConspiracyRob ZombieMint, Violet and White Splatter Vinyl
12-Mar-2021The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse ConspiracyRob ZombieYellow, Green and Black Splatter Vinyl
12-Mar-2021SpacemanNick JonasCD
19-Mar-2021CaracalDisclosureDouble Black Vinyl
19-Mar-2021Champ 10th Anniversary ReissueTokyo Police ClubLimited Red Splatter Vinyl With Bonus 7"
19-Mar-2021Chemtrails Over The Country ClubLana Del Rey Indies Exclusive Yellow Vinyl
19-Mar-2021Chemtrails Over The Country ClubLana Del Rey Black Vinyl
19-Mar-2021Insomniac 25th Anniversary ReissueGreen DayDouble Vinyl With Etched Side D
19-Mar-2021JusticeJustin BieberCD
19-Mar-2021HER OSTOSTWhite Vinyl
19-Mar-2021Love Goes: LiveSam SmithCD
19-Mar-2021Deep EnglandGazelle Twin & NyxGreen Vinyl
19-Mar-2021Deep EnglandGazelle Twin & NyxVinyl
19-Mar-2021Deep EnglandGazelle Twin & NyxCD
23-Mar-2021CavalcadeBlack MidiVinyl 
23-Mar-2021CavalcadeBlack MidiPicture Disc
23-Mar-2021CavalcadeBlack MidiCD
23-Mar-2021CavalcadeBlack MidiCassete
24-Mar-2021Existential Reckoning PusciferPicture Disc Vinyl (Limited To 700)
24-Mar-2021full throated messianic HomageSons Of Raphael Vinyl
26-Mar-2021First Aid Who By FireDouble Blue Vinyl With Poster
26-Mar-2021Greatest Hits WarGold Vinyl
26-Mar-2021Young Shakespeare Neil Young Black Vinyl
26-Mar-2021The Strength The Song The Sound VolbeatGlow In The Dark Vinyl
26-Mar-2021Some Night FUNSilver Vinyl
26-Mar-2021Music Sia Black Vinyl
26-Mar-2021Show Us Your Hits Bloodhound GangBlue Vinyl
26-Mar-2021H25spitalCompilationstandard vinyl
26-Mar-2021songs of co-aklanCathal CoughlanVinyl
26-Mar-2021The Seas trees SeeDNTELVinyl
26-Mar-2021Broken Beats Horace AndyCD
26-Mar-2021Assembly Joe strummerRed Vinyl 
26-Mar-2021Future NostalgiaDua LipaTh moonlight Edition Vinyl
26-Mar-2021Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits Faith No MoreGold Vinyl
2-Apr-2021ConflictJohn Carroll KirbyBlack Vinyl
2-Apr-2021anywhereFlower Travelling BandYellow Vinyl + Free CD
2-Apr-2021Live In San Francisco The Kinks CD
2-Apr-2021Long Road Out Of EdeneaglesVinyl
2-Apr-2021The Millienium ConcerteaglesVinyl
2-Apr-2021The Art Of Starting over… Dancing With The DevilDemi LovatoCD
4-Apr-2021HomecomingDu blondePink vinyl
4-Apr-2021HomecomingDu blondeCD
9-Apr-2021Good FeelinTravisDouble Red Vinyl
9-Apr-2021Conspiracy Of OneThe OffspringBlack Vinyl With Logo Slipmat and Sticker
9-Apr-2021Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, YeahFriedbergClear Vinyl
9-Apr-2021Positions Ariana GrandeClear Coke Bottle Vinyl
9-Apr-2021Reds Pinks And Blues Uncommon WeatherVinyl
9-Apr-2021Vague tidingsElephant micahVinyl
9-Apr-2021Ghost Dog OSTRZAVinyl
9-Apr-2021Every Hero Needs A Villian CzarfaceVinyl
9-Apr-2021AmazoniaJean-michel JarreVinyl
9-Apr-2021AmazoniaJean-michel JarreCD
9-Apr-2021Hudson HeetersHudson MohwakeVinyl
14-Apr-2021Fast Man Raider ManFrank Black Clear Vinyl
14-Apr-2021FrancisFrank Black White Vinyl
14-Apr-2021HoneycombFrank Black Honey Coloured Vinyl
16-Apr-2021A (La Mode)Jethro TullCD and DVD Boxset
16-Apr-2021The Battle Of Gardens Gate Greta Van FleetBlack Vinyl
16-Apr-2021The Battle Of Gardens Gate Greta Van FleetCD
16-Apr-2021SoundtrackApparatVinyl and Book Set
16-Apr-2021Sleeps Society While She Sleeps Gold Vinyl
16-Apr-2021Octane Twisted Porcupine Tree 4 LP
16-Apr-2021SignalAutomaticBlack Vinyl
16-Apr-2021Finding WildflowersTom PettyGold vinyl
16-Apr-2021Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Edition)Tom PettyCD
16-Apr-2021Slaughter In The Vaticanexhordervinyl
16-Apr-2021Let The Bad Times Roll OffspringCD
16-Apr-2021Let The Bad Times Roll OffspringVinyl
16-Apr-2021Let The Bad Times Roll Offspringorange Vinyl
16-Apr-2021GoldLonnie Donnigan And His Skiffle Groupvinyl
16-Apr-2021GoldLonnie Donnigan And His Skiffle Group3CD Boxset
16-Apr-2021GoldJoe Longthorn3CD
16-Apr-2021Upside Down 9Compilation3CD
16-Apr-2021The Future Sound Of LondonDead CitiesVinyl
16-Apr-2021Sunset in The Blue Melody Gardot CD
16-Apr-2021Midnight Rocks secret TapesVarious artistsVinyl
16-Apr-2021HomecomingDu blondeWhite Vinyl
16-Apr-2021Money Money 202 Pt II: We Told ya So The Network Vinyl
16-Apr-2021Till We Meet AgainNorah jonesVinyl
16-Apr-2021Till We Meet AgainNorah jonesCD
23-Apr-2021Plastic ono BandJohn Lennon2lp
23-Apr-2021Plastic ono Bandjohn lennon1CD
23-Apr-2021Plastic ono BandJohn LennonBoxset
23-Apr-2021Plastic ono BandJohn Lennon2CD
23-Apr-2021Any Other City Life Without BuildingsBlack Vinyl
23-Apr-202110 Babymetal YearsBabymetalBlack Vinyl
23-Apr-2021Sweep It Into Space Dinosar Jr.Purple Blast Vinyl 
23-Apr-2021Sweep It Into Space Dinosar Jr.Purple Ripple Vinyl
23-Apr-2021Sweep It Into Space Dinosar Jr.CD
23-Apr-2021Sellout The WhoBlack Vinyl
23-Apr-2021Rudimentary PeniGreat Warvinyl
23-Apr-2021Le Relaidad De Los SuenosThe Mars Volta18 Disc CD BoxSet Ltd to 5000
23-Apr-2021Weekender Flowered UpVinyl
23-Apr-2021Wetheral's Weekender Flowered UpVinyl
23-Apr-2021sooner Or LaterHamish StuartClear Vinyl
23-Apr-2021Can't Stop ProgressThe Immediate FamilyEP
23-Apr-2021Tim BuckleyTim BuckleyGold vinyl
23-Apr-2021Scorpio's DanceShocking BluePink Vinyl
23-Apr-2021Idol EyesCommon SaintsVinyl 
23-Apr-2021Wrecking BallEmmylou Harrisvinyl
23-Apr-2021Wrecking BallEmmylou Harris2CD Set
23-Apr-2021Master Musicians of JoujoukaLive In ParisVinyl
23-Apr-2021Infinite PleasurePlae WhiteWhite Vinyl
24-Apr-2021Everything we Had To LeaveChicanejewel case CD
26-Apr-2021Surrender Endgame Red Vinyl
30-Apr-2021AmarylisShinedownDouble Green Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Highlights From Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella Andrew Lloyd Webber Black Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Attention Attention Shinedown Double Clear Yellow Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Born A Loser MydDouble Black Vinyl
30-Apr-2021FortitudeGojiraLimited Exclusive Black Ice Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella Andrew Llloyd Webber Triple Black Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Indian Yard Ya TseenBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Leave A WhisperShinedownDouble Clear Blue Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Live At The Montreal forum / Serious MoonlightDavid BowiePicture Disc Vinyl 
30-Apr-2021Us And Them Shinedown Purple Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Threat To SurviveShinedownClear Red Vinyl
30-Apr-2021The Sound Of Madness ShinedownBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021The Poet Bobby WomackBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021The Poet 2 Bobby WomackBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021The Million Masks Of GodManchester OrchestraBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021If I could make it go quite Girl In RedCD
30-Apr-2021if I could make it go quietgirl in redBlack And Red 
30-Apr-2021Uh Huh Her DemosP J HarveyCD
30-Apr-2021Uh Huh Her DemosP J HarveyVinyl
30-Apr-2021Uh Huh HerP J HarveyVinyl
30-Apr-2021Turn Up That Dial Dropkick MurphysCD
30-Apr-2021Turn Up That Dial Dropkick MurphysVinyl
30-Apr-2021Turn Up That Dial Dropkick MurphysDeluxe Colour Vinyl 
30-Apr-2021Sharecroppers SonRobert FinleyVinyl
30-Apr-2021Country AgainThomas RhettCD
30-Apr-2021The Watchful Eye Of The Stars Adrian CrowleyCD
30-Apr-2021The Watchful Eye Of The Stars Adrian CrowleyVinyl
30-Apr-2021The english Riviera MetronomyBlack Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Birdy Young Heart Vinyl
30-Apr-2021Tony allenThere Is No EndCD
30-Apr-2021Tony AllenThere Is No endVinyl
30-Apr-2021Tony AllenThere Is No EndIndie excluive variant sleeve Vinyl 
30-Apr-2021Count Your Blessings Blessings AnatoriaCD
30-Apr-2021Delay 1968CanVinyl
30-Apr-2021Future DaysCanVinyl
6-May-2021Moanin'Art Blakey and The Jazz MessengersBlack Vinyl
7-May-2021GoldLuluTriple CD Set
7-May-2021GoldLuluBlack Vinyl
7-May-2021Weezer Van Weezer Limited Edition Indies Magenta Vinyl
7-May-2021The Changing Wilderness Will StrattonCD
7-May-2021The Changing Wilderness Will StrattonBlue Vinyl
7-May-2021Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Edition)Tom PettyVinyl
7-May-2021Origin MythsBobby Leevinyl
7-May-2021ACR:EPAA Certain RatioVinyl 
7-May-2021No Medium RosaliVinyl
7-May-2021Foundationsdeeweedouble CD
7-May-2021FoundationsdeeweeTriple Vinyl 
7-May-2021At The BBC Amy WinehouseVinyl
7-May-2021At The BBCAmy WinehouseCD
7-May-2021World CircusToxikGreen Vinyl
7-May-2021Shocking BlueThird AlbumTurquoise Vinyl
7-May-2021RepriseMobyGrey Vinyl
14-May-2021Fat PopPaul Weller CD
14-May-2021Fat PopPaul Weller Yellow Vinyl
14-May-2021Paul WellerPaul Weller 3CD Boxset
14-May-2021Shattered FaithVlureDebut Single With 7"
14-May-2021High Dive Shaed CD
21-May-2021with the jerry douglas bandjohn hiattVinyl
21-May-2021with the jerry douglas bandJohn HiattBlue Vinyl
21-May-2021With The Jerry Douglas BandJohn Hiatt CD
21-May-2021The Best Of Lily Konisburg So FarLily KonisburgExclusive red vinyl
21-May-2021The Best Of Lily Konisburg So FarLily KonisburgLimited edition black vinyl
21-May-2021The Best Of Lily Konisburg So FarLily KonisburgDigipak CD
21-May-2021Shame And Seditionlula wilesCD
21-May-2021Shame And Seditionlula wilesVinyl
21-May-2021Monastic Love SongsDavid John Morris Vinyl
21-May-2021seeking new godsGruff RhysDark Green LP 
21-May-2021seeking new godsGruff RhysCD
21-May-2021ElkkaEuphoric MelodiesVinyl
21-May-2021Abbey Is BlueAbbey LincolnVinyl
23-May-2021Pick a Day To Die Sunburned Hand Of The Manstandard vinyl
28-May-2021Carnage Nick Cave and Warren EllisCD With 24 Page Booklet
28-May-2021Carnage Nick Cave and Warren EllisBlack Vinyl With 24 Page Booklet
28-May-2021EvermoreTaylor Swift Deluxe Double Green Vinyl
28-May-2021Live In StuttgartCanCD
28-May-2021Live In StuttgartCanTriple Orange Vinyl
28-May-2021MakeoverK.D LangVinyl
28-May-2021MakeoverK.D LangCD
28-May-2021BelindaBelinda CarlisleVinyl
28-May-2021Guardians SessionsAugust Burns Red 10" Clear EP
28-May-2021Plant TestSports TeamVinyl
28-May-2021Days Go ByCheval sombreVinyl
28-May-2021Days Go ByCheval sombreCD
28-May-2021CavalcadeBlack MidiVinyl
28-May-2021CavalcadeBlack Midipic disc
4-Jun-2021All The Colours Of YouJamesDouble Vinyl Red/Black and Purple/Black 
4-Jun-2021Dreamers Are Waiting Crowded HouseSilver Vinyl
4-Jun-2021Japanese BreakfastJubileeSigned Clear Vinyl
4-Jun-2021Rare PleasureMindsgnVinyl
4-Jun-2021Rare PleasureMindsgnCD
4-Jun-2021Rare PleasureMindsgnyellow Vinyl
4-Jun-2021ReflectionLoraine JamesVinyl
4-Jun-2021ReflectionLoraine James CD
4-Jun-2021nowhere generationRise AgainstCD
4-Jun-2021nowhere generationRise AgainstRed Vinyl
4-Jun-2021nowhere generationRise AgainstVinyl 
4-Jun-2021Lifes A BeachEasy LifeRed Vinyl
4-Jun-2021Lifes A BeachEasy LifeVinyl
4-Jun-2021Lifes A BeachEasy LifeCD
4-Jun-2021tezetahailu mergia and the walias bandvinyl
4-Jun-2021Tezetahailu mergia and the walias bandCd
4-Jun-2021Billy F GibbonsHardwareVinyl
4-Jun-2021Billy F GibbonsHardwareRed Vinyl
4-Jun-2021Billy F GibbonsHardwareCD
11-Jun-2021Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Ramona Flowers ED)OSTRandom chance at 1/3 colours
11-Jun-2021Another View Andy BellCD 
11-Jun-2021Blue Weekend Wolf AliceCD
11-Jun-2021Blue Weekend Wolf AliceTransparent Red Vinyl (Limited To 3000) 
11-Jun-2021Bodies AFISilver, Black and Black Ice Coloured Vinyl (Limited to 1000) 
11-Jun-2021TransmutePress To MecoVinyl
11-Jun-2021TransmutePress To MecoCD
11-Jun-2021Squint Julian Lagevinyl
11-Jun-2021one foot in front of the otherGriffClear Vinyl 
11-Jun-2021one foot in front of the otherGriffCD
11-Jun-2021Oregon City SessionsPortugal. The ManVinyl
11-Jun-2021Oregon City SessionsPortugal. The ManCD
11-Jun-202110The OvertonesVinyl
14-Jun-2021Caught Beneath The LandslideCompilationDouble Clear Vinyl
18-Jun-2021DevastationAndrew HungVinyl
18-Jun-2021DevastationAndrew hungCD
19-Jun-2021No One Sings Like You AnymoreChris CornellBlack Vinyl
25-Jun-2021Boy From MichiganJohn GrantVinyl 
25-Jun-2021Boy From MichiganJohn GrantO-Card Deluxe vinyl 
25-Jun-2021Boy From MichiganJohn GrantBoxset Vinyl 
25-Jun-2021Boy From MichiganJohn Grantcavalcade
25-Jun-2021Grateful DeadGrateful Deadvinyl
25-Jun-2021Grateful DeadGrateful DeadCD
2-Jul-2021Opalescentjon hopkinsClear Disc
2-Jul-2021Save Me Not Sebastien PlanoVinyl
2-Jul-2021Pink NoiseLaura Mvula Pink vinyl
2-Jul-2021Pink NoiseLaura Mvula orange Vinyl
2-Jul-2021Pink NoiseLaura Mvula CD
2-Jul-2021Get Up Sequences Part OneThe Go TeamVinyl
2-Jul-2021Forest Of Your ProblemsSnapped AnklesCD
2-Jul-2021Forest Of Your ProblemsSnapped AnklesProtector vinyl 
2-Jul-2021Forest Of Your ProblemsSnapped AnklesBlack Vinyl 
6-Jul-2021Van MorrisonLatest Project record volume 1 black vinyl
9-Jul-2021Ungodly hourChloe & Hallevinyl
16-Jul-2021It Wont Always Be Like thisInhalerCD
16-Jul-2021It Wont Always Be Like thisInhalerVinyl
16-Jul-2021It Wont Always Be Like thisInhalerSplatter Vinyl
23-Jul-2021Bills And Aches And BluesVarious ArtistsVinyl
23-Jul-2021Bills And Aches And BluesVarious ArtistsCD
23-Jul-2021Stone Temple PilotsTiny Music.. Songs From The Vatican Gift shop3cd & Vinyl
23-Jul-2021Stone Temple PilotsTiny Music.. Songs From The Vatican Gift shop2CD
23-Jul-2021Stone Temple PilotsTiny Music.. Songs From The Vatican Gift shopCD
6-Aug-2021singularityjon hopkinstransparent green ltd edition
13-Aug-2021Loving In stereo JungleVinyl
13-Aug-2021Loving In stereo JungleBlue Vinyl
13-Aug-2021Loving In stereo JungleCD
13-Aug-2021Loving In stereo JungleCassette
10-Sep-2021KassidyHope Stvinyl
TBCScott Pilgrim Seven Deadly Exes SoundtrackVinyl Boxset
TBCScott Pilgrim 10th AnniversarySoundtrackBlack Vinyl
25-Jun-2021The World Within Our Bedrooms Drug Store Romeos Black Vinyl 
25-Jun-2021The World Within Our Bedrooms Drug Store Romeos Blue Vinyl
25-Jun-2021The World Within Our Bedrooms Drug Store Romeos CD 
14-May-2021Black To The FutureSons Of Kehmet CD
14-May-2021Black To The FutureSons Of Kehmet Orange Vinyl 
14-May-2021Black To The FutureSons Of Kehmet black vinyl 
7-May-2021Paths Of ColourNina RyserVinyl
18-Jun-2021The Yardbirds (Rogether the entertainer) The YardbirdsSuper deluxe indies box set
18-Jun-2021The Yardbirds (Rogether the entertainer) The YardbirdsSuper deluxe box set
2-Jul-2021MushLeatherfacewhite vinyl
2-Jul-2021MushLeatherfaceblack vinyl 
30-Apr-2021Medium RaritiesMastodonVinyl 
4-Jun-2021A Tenuous Tale Of HerPotéVinyl
4-Jun-2021A Tenuous Tale Of HerPotéCD
28-May-2021When Smoke RisesMustafaBlack Vinyl
28-May-2021When Smoke RisesMustafaGreen Vinyl
28-May-2021When Smoke RisesMustafaCD
2-Jul-2021The Holy familyThe Holy Family Vinyl
2-Jul-2021The Holy familyThe Holy Family CD
14-Mar-2021Ten Bob Each way/ Use Your LoafThe Nightingales / Stewart Lee7" Single 
7-May-2021Jumpin In the NightThe Flamin' GrooviesTransluscent Green
7-May-2021Last Time Around Buddy Guy/ Jr Wells Vinyl
25-Jun-2021DragonsThrowing SnowOrange Marble Vinyl 
25-Jun-2021Gong Gong Gong Phantom Rhythm Remixed CD
25-Jun-2021Gong Gong Gong Phantom Rhythm Remixed Vinyl
25-Jun-2021Gong Gong Gong Phantom Rhythm Remixed Transparent Vinyl 
28-May-2021This Time I'll Be Of Use81355CD
28-May-2021This Time I'll Be Of Use81355Vinyl
2-Jul-2021Utopian AshesBobby Gilespie & Jehnny BethVinyl
2-Jul-2021Utopian Ashesbobby gilespie & Jehnny BethCD
2-Jul-2021Utopian AshesBobby Gilespie & Jehnny BethClear Vinyl 
18-Jun-2021World What WorldMountain MoversVinyl
18-Jun-2021World What WorldMountain MoversPurple
18-Jun-2021World What WorldMountain MoversCassette
9-Jul-2021Medieval FemmeFatima Al QadiriVinyl
14-May-2021Medieval FemmeFatima Al QadiriCD
31-Mar-2021AmanitaBardo PondPurple Vinyl

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