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Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings - The Butterfly Effect - Black Vinyl


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Bruce Foxton and Russell Hastings team up once again to release their third album together The Butterfly Effect.

Active from 1972-1982, The Jam created a legacy that would cement themselves as one of the all-time great British bands. The classic line up consisted of frontman Paul Weller, drummer Rick Buckler and bassist Bruce Foxton, who carried on their legacy by forming From The Jam in 2007 with Buckler and new vocalist Russell Hastings. Created to tour the iconic back catalogue and ensure its continued relevance, the line up has undergone a few changes over time, but the songs remain the same. With Foxton and Hastings writing and recording original music, this material has gained widespread acclaim of its own. Following on from previous albums ‘Back in the Room’ and ‘Smash The Clock’, the duo are set to return with ‘The Butterfly Effect’, displaying a growing maturity to their song writing and a renewed sense of confidence.

Being known as an active touring band, From The Jam obviously could not tour during the pandemic. However, Hastings has stated that having time to record was ‘quite a relief... We like everybody else were concerned about the future and were glad when we were allowed to get in the studio’, with Foxton adding that the process was ‘extremely creative and fun.’ That sense of fun is a recurring theme throughout the 12 tracks, with the duo bringing together their influences for a familiar-sounding record and a journey through various genres. Described by Foxton as ‘a collection of very melodic songs, with very different angles, yet it all ties together’, the tracks range from 60s pop to 70s Motown and Americana on an album full of future classics.

Serving as the lead single from the album, the addictive ‘Lula’ is described by Hastings as ‘A catchy pop song about a spoilt woman who seemingly has everything yet has nothing.’ This standout track succeeds in capturing a summer vibe, thanks in part to a blistering saxophone solo from Tony ‘Rico’ Richardson.

The pair demonstrate their capability of packing a punch with ‘Circles’, pure power pop that showcases the energy of the band. This vigour is apparent also on ‘Two Of Us’, which Hastings labels ‘a nod to Quadrophenia’. The ‘sha-la-la’ repeats and loud, ringing guitars instantly takes you back to a time of mods vs rockers and heady sunny days in Brighton.

The Motown influences come through with ‘Time On Your Side’, complete with brass work from Nicky Madern and jaunty Hammond organ chords. The chorus, accompanied by fun vocal harmonies and handclaps, is one of the strongest on the album.

Yet for all the assuredness this album presents, a softer side comes forward with the plaintive and delicate ‘Rain’, showcasing a wistful and soul-baring set of lyrics set to gently fingerpicked guitars and quieter vocals. The equally stirring ‘Too Old to Cry’ also brings strings into the mix, reminiscing on past times and voicing hope for the future with the refrain of ‘Things are getting much better’.

The duo both name The Beatles as a huge influence on their work – no more is this apparent on the lively closing track ‘Anything You Want’ with its bouncy rhythm and psychedelic ending. Recording the vocals for this track unknowingly with covid, Hastings’ voice nevertheless shines and brings the album to a rousing end.


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                                                        Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings - The Butterfly Effect - Black Vinyl

                                                        Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings - The Butterfly Effect - Black Vinyl