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Jasdeep Singh Degun - Anomaly - 2xLP Vinyl


ARTIST: Jasdeep Singh Degun



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Submit to the beauty and sorrow, the poetry and power, of the sitar — that plucked string instrument with the long neck, pear-shaped gourd and origins in the courts of the Maharajahs of medieval India. Marvel at the astonishing prowess of Jasdeep Singh Degun, a sitarist who is steeped in the North Indian classical tradition — indeed, in the musical traditions of the Indian subcontinent — and proudly born, raised and based in Leeds, north of England.

Jasdeep Singh Degun releases his debut album Anomaly on Real World Records — a project showcasing an almost preternatural musicality, a way with technique, improvisation, composition and collaboration that will dazzle purists and newcomers alike. Its twelve tracks range from inspired sitar solos and duelling sitar and guitar to all stops out cinematic journeying. Music rooted in the ancient repertoire of raags, the frameworks used in the improvised performances of Indian classical music, and delivered with contemporary flair.



1.           Anomaly [4:27]

2.           Veer [6:24]

3.           Translucence [4:04]

4.           In Search of Redemption [5:42]

5.           Sajanava [4:24]

6.           Enigma 7.5 [6:29]

7.           Undertow [3:59]

8.           Rageshri [3:09]

9.           Ulterior Motives [4:18]

10.         Nadia [4:54]

11.         Mahogany [21:30]

12.         Redemption (Reprise) [4:30]


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                                        Jasdeep Singh Degun - Anomaly - 2xLP Vinyl

                                        Jasdeep Singh Degun - Anomaly - 2xLP Vinyl