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Laminations Vinyl Limited Edition Colour Disc


ARTIST: American Aquarium



"Lamentations is a 10-song rumination on the current state of the world around me. I was raised in the faith and the book of Lamentations was always one that caught my attention. A broken man crying out to the heavens, asking why God sat back and let his country fall apart. Questioning the sheer existence of a higher power in the lowest of times. How could an all loving God sit back and let an entire nation’s cry for help go unanswered? I saw many parallels in that story and the current climate of this country in 2020. There are a large group of people who were promised something in 2016. They are still waiting for those promises to be fulfilled. This is a record about the things that break people. Religion, politics, addiction, love, money, family, history. I believe it is an empathetic look at the other side. A group of stories about losing everything and still finding the will to stand back up and fight for the things that matter the most."  

- BJ Barham


Side A - 

  1. Me + Mine (Lamentations)
  2. Before The Dogwood Blooms
  3. Six Years Come September
  4. Starts With You
  5. Brightleaf + Burley
Side B - 
  1. The Luckier You Get
  2. The Day I Learned To Lie To You
  3. A Better South
  4. How Wicked I Was
  5. The Long Haul

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Laminations Vinyl Limited Edition Colour Disc

Laminations Vinyl Limited Edition Colour Disc