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Gorillaz - The G Collection - RSD - 10xLP Vinyl Boxset


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G Collection is a boxset containing Gorillaz' 2001-2020 vinyls. The vinyls included are: Gorillaz (2001), Demon Days (2005), Plastic Beach (2010), Humanz (2017), The Now Now (2018), and Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez (2020). The G Collection was released on July 17, 2021 on for Record Store Day.


A1 Re-Hash
A2 5/4
A3 Tomorrow Comes Today
A4 New Genious (Brother)
B5 Clint Eastwood
B6 Man Research (Clapper)
B7 Punk
B8 Sound Check (Gravity)
C9 Double Bass
C10 Rock The House
C11 19-2000 3:27
C12 Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
D13 Starshine
D14 Slow Country
D15 M1 A1
D16 Clint Eastwood (Ed Case/Sweetie Irie Refix)

Demon Days
E1 Intro
E2 Last Living Souls
E3 Kids With Guns
E4 O Green World
F1 Dirty Harry
F2 Feel Good Inc.
F3 El Mañana
G1 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
G2 November Has Come
G3 All Alone
G4 White Light
H2 Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
H3 Don’t Get Lost In Heaven
H4 Demon Days

Plastic Beach
I1 Orchestral Intro
I2 Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach
I3 White Flag
I4 Rhinestone Eyes
J1 Stylo
J2 Superfast Jellyfish
J3 Empire Ants
J4 Glitter Freeze
K1 Some Kind Of Nature
K2 On Melancholy Hill
K3 Broken
K4 Sweepstakes
L1 Plastic Beach
L2 To Binge
L3 Cloud Of Unknowing
L4 Pirate Jet

M1 Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
M2 Ascension
M3 Strobelite
M4 Saturnz Barz
M5 Momentz
N1 Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath
N2 Submission
N3 Charger
N4 Interlude: Elevator Going Up
N5 Andromeda
N6 Busted And Blue
O1 Interlude: Talk Radio
O2 Carnival
O3 Let Me Out
O4 Interlude: Penthouse
O5 Sex Murder Party
P1 She’s My Collar
P2 Interlude: The Elephant
P3 Hallelujah Money
P4 We Got The Power (Version 2:18:482)

The Now Now
Q1 Humility
Q2 Tranz
Q3 Hollywood
Q4 Kansas
Q5 Sorcererz
Q6 Idaho
R1 Lake Zurich
R2 Magic City
R3 Fire Flies
R4 One Percent
R5 Souk Eye
Song Machine: Season One
S1 Strange Timez
S2 The Valley Of The Pagans
S3 The Lost Chord
S4 Pac-Man
S5 Chalk Tablet Towers
S6 The Pink Phantom
T1 Aries
T2 Friday 13th
T3 Dead Butterflies
T4 Desolé
T5 Momentary Bliss

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Gorillaz - The G Collection - RSD - 10xLP Vinyl Boxset

Gorillaz - The G Collection - RSD - 10xLP Vinyl Boxset